Specialist Services

At Endeavour Psychological Services we also offer a broad range of other specialist services. All these services are of the highest quality, based on best evidence and can be provided as part of a package of services or bespoke service depending upon need/ level of abilities.

Clinical Supervision

Specialist clinical supervision is an integral part of any therapeutic interventions and is a requirement to maintain practice. At Endeavour Psychological Services we can provide individualised supervision experience based upon a range of models relevant to child, adolescent and young adult clients. Supervision may be to support private practice, for those in training or more generic needs e.g., guidance on CPD, research or longer term professional development.

In order to maintain the highest standards, supervisors access regular training in supervision models and/ or supervision of post qualified and trainee clinical psychologists or other professional groups working in emotional/ mental health roles e.g., nurses, SENCO or other therapy providers. Supervisors also access their own supervision.


Endeavour Psychological Services offer a broad range of teaching opportunities for those who require skills or knowledge in psychological processes, mental and emotional health needs and neurodevelopmental difficulties.

Teaching may be part of a whole school approach (INSET), may be commissioned through other health services depending on need. Teaching covers all levels of knowledge from basic titles e.g., what is mental health up to specific conditions or psychological needs e.g., the needs of LAC within education. Contact us for details of what teaching you may be interested in.

Specialist Consultation

Endeavour Psychological Services can provide specialist advice and guidance on individuals, policy documents or processes to enhance mental health or manage those with significant behavioural or mental health needs (up to age 25). It may lead to a specialist assessment of therapeutic needs with particular groups e.g., LAC, LD.

This approach may be helpful for schools trying to implement the Future in Mind approach into school practice/ policy. It may be advice about setting up staff support services or helping to support the implementation of care pathways. Support for those leaving care may wish to be accessed by professionals supporting that individual or may include the carers/ family of the individual.


Endeavour Psychological Services provides one off specialist consultation for individual pupils when clarity about ability or mental health needs are of concern for schools or specialist providers of care.

In some cases, private providers of education or care providers may have specific needs or requests. Every effort will be made to meet these needs if possible.

Other Requirements

Please note that if you require other specialist support that relates to psychological processes, needs or mental health needs please contact us.

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